Car Dealer

At Rugged Rental, we not only rent cars to the public, but we sell them as well. You may wonder if buying a used car from a rental inventory is a good idea. No matter where you are buying a vehicle from, there are several factors to consider.  

The cars we sell that were previously used as rentals typically have lower mileage, are simple to find and purchase, and are offered at very reasonable prices.

In addition to the benefits that you would receive from buying a used automobile from a dealership, you will also be eligible for certain additional advantages when you buy from us. We thoroughly inspect our vehicles before offering them for sale, provide warranty options, and let our customers take their vehicles out for extensive test drives.

Why Do We Sell Our Rental Vehicles? We typically refresh our vehicle fleets once every year or two so we can make room for new rental vehicles. 

When it comes to buying a used rental vehicle, there are a few unique factors to take into account.

Excellent Maintenance

You might be concerned that a rental has been driven by a large number of people who have not given much thought to the vehicle’s long-term upkeep. This is actually not true. With all of the agreements and payments required to rent a vehicle in the first place, drivers are more careful with rentals because they do not want to be charged to fix the vehicle. 

Even though rentals are subject to additional wear and tear because of their multiple occupants’ driving, precautions are taken to ensure that all necessary maintenance is carried out. In addition to that, they undergo a comprehensive examination before they are put up for sale.

While individuals selling their vehicles may not be open about all of the issues they have had, everything our rentals have been through is documented. This makes purchasing a used car much safer for you because the chances of facing an issue that will not be covered because the dealer was not honest are eliminated. 

We keep our rental vehicles in excellent condition, not only because we want to sell them, but because it is a part of what we promise in our customer experience. We adhere to very regimented service schedules. Before putting their automobiles on the market, we perform our own comprehensive inspections using qualified mechanics and go through a series of checkpoints.

Vehicles with Higher Mileage But Like New Condition

Compared to new vehicles, rentals typically have a higher number of miles on the odometer. However, since we keep our vehicles in excellent condition, the added mileage will not affect the performance when you drive it. The mileage may also be significantly less than other used vehicles that are much older than those we have for sale.  

In addition, our dealership offers relatively new vehicles (typically only one to two years old). That means these vehicles may still be covered by the warranty that was supplied by the manufacturer. This is something we can discuss during the buying process. 

Excellent Deals Without the Hassle

We offer used vehicles at excellent prices in a no-hassle environment. We are not a typical dealership and our main business is not selling cars. We offer great deals without the gimmicks. We also take the time to help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for. Our inventory is easy to search online, where you can compare prices and look at the detailed features of the vehicle. You can also talk directly with one of our team members over the phone. We also offer extended warranties packages, giving you added protection that most used car dealers do not offer. 

What To Do Before You Buy

We take the extra step to ensure you are purchasing a dependable car that will last you a long time. We assist you in researching our inventory for the type of vehicle you want, from everything to features, size, and color.  Any vehicle history can easily be provided in case you choose to sell it in the future. 

Used vehicles are more sought after now than ever before. With high gas prices and your need to travel to work each day, it is important to have a vehicle you can afford and rely on. To find out more about the deals we offer and what vehicles we currently have for sale, call Rugged Rental today or visit our Layton dealership location.