Motor Vehicle Dealer

On April 8, 2013, after many months of preparation and hard work, Rugged Rental & Sales opened its doors to the public in Layton with full operations. This sales facility has been designed to display and sell our rental inventory to the general public as new vehicles are introduced into the rental division. These vehicles are sold to the general public at this facility. Our sales department specializes in providing pricing that is “always” lower than the book price, and we are equipped to provide the entire range of dealership services, such as title processing, DMV processing services, credit union financing, and extended warranties. The Layton facility also provides people of Davis County with the option to rent vehicles for their own convenience.

Many of our customers take advantage of credit union financing when buying a vehicle from us. Financing can make a used car or truck much more affordable, especially if you want added features and upgrades.

If you are interested in purchasing a new vehicle, you have the option of obtaining financing for the purchase from a number of different financial institutions. We want you to know all of the ways you can benefit from getting a loan from a credit union.

Low-Interest Rates 

Credit unions are financial institutions that return profits to their members rather than distributing them to shareholders. As a result of this, credit unions are frequently in a position to provide their members with loan interest rates that are cheaper than those offered by other types of lenders. In point of fact, the interest rates on auto loans provided by credit unions are often between one and two percentage points lower than the average rate provided by banks. 

Credit Unions May Consider More Than Just Your Credit Score

One of the advantages of using a credit union is the possibility that the credit union may be more willing to work with members who have credit that is less than perfect. This means that you will be more likely to get a loan that will cover the cost of the vehicle you want. 

Reduced Loan Minimum

Additionally, credit unions could have lower minimum lending amounts compared to banks. A low loan minimum could be beneficial to you if you are not purchasing an expensive automobile, or if you have a significant down payment on the vehicle you plan to buy and only need to finance a small amount of the purchase.

When Purchasing a Used Vehicle, What Does an Extended Warranty Cover?

Extended warranties for used automobiles go above and beyond your typical manufacturer’s guarantee or certified pre-owned warranty by extending the length of time that the bumper-to-bumper and/or powertrain warranties are in effect. Your used vehicle has the potential to offer the same level of protection as a new vehicle if you decide to purchase an extended warranty after the original warranty has run its course. If you choose the correct warranty provider, you will have the option to go with extended service, which will give you even more coverage than you had previously.

Warranties differ depending on many factors and what you purchase. Some of the inclusions of an extended warranty can include: 

Diagnostic Fee Coverage – Sometimes the cost of determining what the issue is can be greater than the issue itself. If your insurance policy covers diagnostic fees, you can relax knowing that you won’t have to dig quite as deeply into your pocketbook.

Coverage for both repairs and replacements –  Your vehicle has taken you (as well as those who have driven it before you) to a variety of locations during the course of its travel history. There is a good chance that it will require some mending and possibly even some replacements. If you have an extended warranty, you won’t have to pay for these expenses out of your own pocket.

24/7 roadside assistance – This significant advantage is included in the best extended warranties available. Help is on the way at no additional cost if you get locked out of your car, have a flat tire, or any other vehicle issue that leaves you stranded.

Towing – Vehicle towing will be available for you to the nearest repair shop in the event that you break down.

Rental car services –  If your vehicle needs to be repaired, arrangements can be made to get you a rental car so you can continue with your day. 

Gas delivery –   You can select an extended warranty that includes gas delivery just in case you find yourself stranded on the side of the road without any fuel.

If you have been searching for a used car or truck you can rely on, Rugged Rental offers quality vehicles at affordable prices. We also help you with financing so you can afford the model you have always wanted without breaking the bank. Check out our current inventory for pricing and vehicle details.