What We Do

Rugged is an independent passenger vehicle rental business in Salt Lake City, Utah We specialize in the rental of Pickup Trucks, SUVs, and Vans, with an emphasis on 4WD & AWD options and vehicles for towing. 

Rugged Rental is unlike the majority of rental businesses. In contrast to our competitors, who ban towing and driving on unpaved roads, we permit our clients to put our vehicles to good use. Rugged has numerous Trucks and SUVs that are ideal for towing a trailer, boat or RV to one of the many picturesque spots found in Utah.  

The daily, weekly, and monthly rates offered by Rugged are competitive. We provide commercial pricing for rentals of one month or longer to businesses in the West and Midwest that have long-term fleet needs. We provide a complimentary shuttle service between the airport and downtown area hotels for our customers. We also provide local rentals for insurance replacement and individual requirements.

Our Layton facility displays and sells our rental vehicles to the general public as they are replaced by new vehicles in the rental division. Our sales section specializes in “always” delivering below-book pricing, and we are able to provide full dealership services. The Layton site also offers vehicle rentals for the convenience of Davis County residents.

Truck Rental Agency

Rugged operates an independent passenger vehicle rental agency in Salt Lake City, Utah specializing in Pickup trucks and SUV’s. All of our trucks are 4WD, crew cab and are equipped for towing. We also offer a full array of different SUV sizes. When deciding whether to rent an SUV with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, the time of year and the conditions you will be driving in are the most important factors to consider. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rates on these rentals. 

Car Rental Agency

Rugged offers competitive pricing with daily, weekly, and monthly rates. We offer a complimentary shuttle service for our customers to and from the Salt Lake airport and downtown or airport area hotels. We also offer local rentals for insurance replacement & personal needs. You can count on Rugged Rental to meet all of your insurance replacement rental needs, regardless of how long you need to have an alternative vehicle.  

Van Rental Agency

Our rental vans are one of the modes of transport that are among the most convenient for group travel. In our passenger vans, there is space for 7, 12 or 15 passengers, including the driver. Even if your party has fewer than 12 or 15 people in total, it does not exclude you from using one of our roomy vans as transportation for your excursion. We can easily remove some seats to provide your group with extra luggage space.

Used Truck Dealer

A used vehicle can offer just as much value as a new truck, if not more. One of the best benefits of purchasing a used truck, in addition to the great price, is all the extras you will be able to afford. Trucks are multipurpose vehicles that can be used for both labor and leisure. A truck is unquestionably what you need to get the job done when traveling across rough terrain, carrying, and towing. Take a look at our inventory and discover why our used trucks are just as good or better than purchasing a new one.  

Car Dealer

At Rugged Rental, we not only rent cars to the public, but we sell them as well. We thoroughly inspect our vehicles before offering them for sale, provide warranties, and let our customers take their vehicles out for extensive test drives. We keep our rental cars in excellent condition, not only because we want to sell them, but because it is a part of what we promise in our customer experience. We adhere to very regimented service schedules.

Truck Dealer

We know you will be impressed with our truck inventory and the condition they are in. We are very confident we can find you a truck that will accommodate your needs at a great price. You can easily use our website to look through the trucks we currently have for sale. Many of our used trucks are only a couple of years old, which means that many of the warranties are still in effect. We also offer extended warranty packages to give you further coverage. 

Auto Broker

Since we own our own dealership, you can benefit from the advantages of what an auto broker has to offer without having to pay added fees. Purchasing one of our rental vehicles makes a great deal of sense if you want to own a reasonably new vehicle. We bring in new model vehicles, which means the cars and trucks we sell are only around one to two years old. We sell our rental vehicles at a low price. You can check out our inventory online to see our prices and how they compare to other used cars you may have looked at. 

Motor Vehicle Dealer

We are equipped to provide the entire range of dealership services, such as title processing, DMV processing services, credit union financing, and extended warranties. Many of our customers take advantage of credit union financing when buying a vehicle from us. Financing can make a used car or truck much more affordable, especially if you want added features and upgrades. If you have been searching for a used car or truck you can rely on, Rugged Rental offers quality vehicles at affordable prices.